Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Background Check

This post will include three photos in which I tested the backgrounds. I used portrait mode to make the subject stand out more. I will order them from best to worst according to the background.

This picture has a perfect background, The blurriness is very strong and there are no intrusive objects straying the viewer away from the subject.

This photo is also good however, the reason it wasn't perfect was because I was too far from the subject. This caused the blurriness to be weak.

On the other hand this picture is the opposite of the previous one. The subject is focused on because the blurriness is strong. The only problem with this is the picture of the man looking at us. I did't notice it at first but it diverted my attention from the attention because it was so out of the ordinary.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Depth of Field

Can you make out all the words on the plaque? Probably not. The reason for this is because I took this picture in portrait mode. What portrait mode does is that it makes the subject stand out by making the background blurry. The reason why I chose this background is because it showed the blurriness easily.

Now look at this one. As you can see the words on the plaque are clearly visible and easier to read. The reason for this is because instead of portrait mode, I used landscape mode. Landscape mode captures the sharpness of the subject as well as the background.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Portrait Photography

In order to achieve the blurriness of the background, I turned the mode dial of my camera to portrait mode. Notice how the photograph has a shallow depth of field allowing the subject to be in greater focus.