Friday, December 19, 2014

Point of View

This is a close up picture using the macro lens. The macro lens allows you to get really close to the subject and still be able to focus. This picture of dead flowers embodies the feeling sorrow and loss.

This is a weird angle picture and was also taken using the macro lens. Notice how you can see the inside of the usb port. This picture reveals the usb port that is under the keyboard.

This is a low perspective picture. As you can see the girl is directly under the camera as she uses her camera. This angle makes the photo very unique.

This is a high perspective photo. Although it was a bit far from the camera, I went on my tip toes and used the macro lens for more focus. This picture shows how the clocks in the school aren't accurate. This photo was not taken at the time read on the clock.

This is another close up using the macro lens. With the lens, I was able to get the rust in detail and the little rubber pebbles from the turf.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Interrupted Paterns

Interrupted Patterns are usually used to focus on the subject. Because of it's differet from the background pattern around it, the viewer's eyes are drawn to the picture

In this picture the subject shows uniqueness among the rest of the picture. It's bright color it gets the attention of the viewer.

In this picture the name of the brown book are brought out because of the dull surroundings.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Contrast Photography

I took this picture to show the contrast between skin colors. The skin on the left, being darker than the one on the right, pops out because of this characteristic